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Partition system "Office''

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Compact sliding door automation for indoors ‘’EvoDrive’’

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Sliding systems

Manual Sliding Wall System

Product specification below


2 point

Height between track and ceiling

Min. 150mm

Type of glass

Tempered glass 10-12mm

Partition dimensions

Width 610-1250mm
Height 10mm ESG up to 3190mm 
Height 12mm ESG up to 3650mm 

Material finish

Acc. to RAL 

Pass door width

Max. 900mm

Additional files

Technical datasheet

Technical datasheet



Drawing PDF

Drawing PDF

Uzdod jautājumu par produktu

*obligāti aizpildāmie lauki.

Additional information


Our designers use the newest drafting and design software to come up with great solutions and find the best price to performance ratio.


Our highly trained on-site teams will complete the installation quickly with precision and accuracy.


We work with our clients to help them create great design ideas. We offer all types of decorative solutions for glass, profiles and fittings.


We guarantee that the products provided by us will be functional, sturdy and have the best quality. We offer our professional advice and always look for the best solution.


24 month warranty on products and services

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